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A Pennsylvania courier company saving customers 28 – 72% over the leading national competitor for Ground Parcel and Next Business Day by 10:30am

Key Benefits

  • Absolute lowest rates for any size shipper
  • B2B and Residential Service on all zip codes in area
  • Fewer Packaging Requirements
  • Limit Damage and Loss – Fewer Transfer Points
  • Fewer Handling Fees
  • Flexible, Customized to your needs
  • On-line order entry or call for a pickup – YOU decide
  • Superior Customer Service
  • QwikTrack Parcel tracing

Five short years ago (2007), the Absolute Minimum Charge (the Zone 2, one-pound Ground rate) for the national carriers was $4.00. Now in 2012, it has crept up to $5.49. This is an increase of 37%.

Interstate Courier Express is able to provide this reduced shipping spend because we do not need to support a worldwide infrastructure that includes fleets of cargo jets. And, most importantly, any monies saved by reducing your shipping costs go straight to your bottom line. This is done with the continued commitment that your package will arrive the next day. I.C.E. Parcel is now available for over 1600 Zip Codes in New Jersey and Eastern Pennsylvania.

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